A great place to waddle


The village of East Palestine is a good place to live.

It has excellent schools, an active village council, a great police force, good water, excellent trash removal and recycling, a super village park – with the exception of the polluted duck and goose pond the village refuses to deal with – and a mix of people from all walks of life. Our traffic is moderate and what businesses we have are compatible with our residents.

For some time now there has been talk of expanding the village limits out to Route 14 and developing more of the area around and beyond Unity.

We really don’t need to move into a Las Vegas “Strip” environment like the Route 7 entrance through Boardman into Youngstown. Not only does it make the summers hotter and the noise level increase with all the added pavement, it ruins the beauty of trees and fields that make the entrance to East Palestine so attractive.

One can still walk around town or ride a bike at any hour of the day or night. Can you do that in Boardman?

Come on people of East Palestine, let’s continue to improve and protect of village and the way of life that makes East Palestine such a great place to live, raise children and enjoy life … but do something about that duck pond.

John Herbert

East Palestine