No nerve


When I was in graduate school at Kent State my ancient history professor Dr. Wannemacher required us to read a couple of books that explored the reasons why Rome fell. He then expounded his own theory. “Rome fell,” he said, “because it suffered from a loss of nerve.” And so it seems with us. We have a president circumventing Congress with executive decrees, reconciliation, and recess appointments. He has used the EPA and the IRS to target concerned Americans worried about his dictatorial antics. He has subverted the Constitution and our system of checks and balances and defies us to do anything about it. Nobody rebels. We have lost our nerve.

Each student in the Detroit School System costs the decent taxpayers of Michigan $13,000. There is a 65 percent dropout rate, and of the ones who do make it to graduation, 40 percent of them do not have the reading ability of an average ninth-grader. In eight city blocks of Detroit not a single home or business owner has paid his property taxes. In our own towns here in Ohio, Lorain, Canton and Youngstown, they come out of the projects at night and steal from and vandalize construction projects. Most are from families with no dad around. The mothers have multiple children to multiple men – the more kids the bigger the check. Drug use and addiction and drive-by shootings are the norm. Nobody speaks out. This is costing us not billions but trillions. We have lost our nerve.

Our education system has failed. Beginning college students have to take remedial reading and math. They major in specially fabricated Mickey Mouse courses, and when they graduate they can’t find a job. They stick the taxpayers with billions of dollars in unpaid student loans. Yet nobody speaks out. We have lost our nerve.

Lloyd Berresford