Boxed in


Aristotle once said, “The educated differ from the uneducated as the living differ from the dead.”

The Generation Y that I am a part of is on a sad and broad path toward the dead end of this spectrum. Through technology they have become ignorant of social and physical communication skills. Let me say this before I continue: This is not the fault of technology, it is a fault of control.

When walking through a mall or a restaurant you find many young people today with their heads buried into a cell phone, music drowning their ears or both of these actions taking place simultaneously. Today we are socializing with the tips of our fingers rather than our minds and lips.

Young people throughout America can give you seven names of characters on The Walking Dead at the snap of a finger, yet they cannot give you the names of the seven founding fathers who were revered for this country.

This cancer is not the fault of our public schools, it is the fault of the weary foundation at home. Many strong, young, imaginative minds that have the potential to change the world are being wasted at home in front of a computer, cell phone or television rather than in the depths of a book.

I believe the power of reading and self-education can break the social barrier we have today. By reading and writing we open a door to the soul and stimulate thought and reason. Through these things bring forth social and communication skills that no piece of technology could ever fathom.

Tyler Freeland