Wood and coal


I am writing in response to an article which appeared on the front page of the Morning Journal on Friday, March 24. The article, “Columbiana neighbors bring ‘yellow fog’ concerns to council,” pertained to complaints brought to city council by residents of Meadowbrook Condominiums on Springfield Road about Columbiana Floral Company, located across the street from the condos, burning debris in the early mornings and late evenings.

Mr. Larry Metzgar stated in the article that the items being burned “may be cardboard boxes, but it is definitely not coal or wood.”

The owners of Columbiana Floral, Vernon Elwonger and my husband, Pat MacAleese, were not contacted directly by their neighbors or the Morning Journal reporter who wrote the article for their comments before the story was printed.

If Mr. Metzgar or the reporter had taken the time to speak with them, they would have found that there is an outside furnace located behind the building which is the heating source for the wholesale warehouse.

The decision to install this outside furnace was a business decision made after much research and has proven to be very efficient and economical way to heat the warehouse. Contrary to Mr. Metzgar’s statement in the article, only wood and coal are burned in the furnace. All cardboard is taken to the recycling center.

The Columbiana Floral Company has been a respected and long-standing presence in the community for many years. It is difficult enough in today’s world to be a small business owner without having to be blind-sided by your “neighbors” and the local newspaper.

Terry MacAleese