We are Alchemy


Those deep in the animal welfare world know the daily suffering we witness. There is more than enough and no need to create any unnecessary and certainly unfounded drama.

What is Alchemy? A question better answered with the question who is Alchemy? We are your teachers and teenagers, we are people who work and live in this community, and some from nearby communities, we are retirees, nurses and your neighbors, friends and families, we are the people who walk the dogs on the nature trail and the people who spread the mulch for that trail and weed that trail. We are the people who bathe the dogs and brush the cats, we are the people who clip toenails and play with tug toys. We are the people who love unconditionally, the blind, the disfigured, the old, the barker, the biter, the jumper, etc. We are the people caring for those normally euthanized elsewhere.

We are the people loving them and giving them a shot at a forever home. We are the people giving them a forever home if none is found, giving them sanctuary. We are the people who make ice bottles and knitted blankets and handmade pet toys. We are the people giving the animals those bottles and blankets and playing with them with those toys. We are the people who do the monotonous tasks such as paperwork, donation inventory, folding laundry, washing thousands of dishes, filling water pails, scooping poop, assembling new pens, painting, driving to pick up a ton of dog food each week, attending yearly sheltering conferences, fundraising, the list goes on and on.

We are the people who do this in our spare time. Time when others go out for fun or have a nice holiday at home, we are the people signing the log in sheet giving our evenings, days off, and holidays to be with the animals. And we are all a family joined in a cause logging almost 30,000 hours of volunteer service a year!

We are the people who come in on short notice when a snow storm dumps 24 inches of snow and the caretakers cannot get to work. The people who find someone with 4-wheel drive and the people who leave their studies from college to come help shovel out the snow! We are the people who set our differences aside for the betterment of the animal welfare community and tried to launch Ohio’s first no-kill coalition with the local humane society (sadly thwarted by ego and drama-driven naysayers).

We are the people who knew the importance of such an endeavor; again we are the people trying to build something great while refraining from tearing others down. We are the people who don’t get caught up in that drama because we are busy saving lives.

Sarah Sacco Olson, trustee

Alchemy Acres