Raking Salem over the coals


I am writing in regards to where some of this extra money Salem has could be used.

We need the two leaf vacuums fixed or replaced, to help the citizens of this town in the fall cleanups. I feel so bad for the elderly in this town, watching 70- to 80-year-old citizens bending over bagging leaves.

Some of my neighbors on my street completely stopped raking leaves years ago thanks to your new system. I for one do not look forward to fall anymore. Yes it is easier on the town, time wise, paying employees, and less work throwing bags in a truck. But what about the rest of us taxpayers bending and tying bags for hours.

It used to take me an hour a day, about two separate days to tarp my leaves to the curb. Now it takes me two and a half hours per day and a bottle of Aleve to bag up 30 plus leaf bags for pickup.

We have two new town trucks, and possibly a new bucket truck to help the town employees. What about making it easier in the fall on the citizens of this town? Buy or fix the leaf vacuums.

I phoned and left a message for the service director before this month’s meeting regarding this issue. I never received a call back. It is too bad we elect some people to help the citizens in town and I bring up an idea that could help and do not get a response. Why?

Raking and tarping them to the curb is what we all should be doing. Other smaller towns around us still can afford to use leaf vacuums, why is it our city cannot?

Stacey Moore