In defense of Alchemy Acres


This letter is in response to one in the Journal on May 27 from Ms. Hack. I think anyone who helps animals should be commended and thanked for helping them since animals can’t speak for or help themselves. Animals, unfortunately, are truly at the mercy of human beings.

Ms. Hack should be commended for the decade she has spent rescuing and fighting for animals. Anyone who helps animals deserves a pat on the back, but she has already done this for herself. Enough said about that.

I don’t understand how driving by a shelter once a day could possibly tell anyone how they are being taken care of. Did it ever occur to her to stop and see if there was anything she could do to help instead of just driving by every day.

I know for a fact there are more than 50 volunteers who work at Alchemy Acres taking care of the animals. They may not all be there at the same time but they are all people who love animals and try to do anything they can to help – because they love them, not to get praised for doing so.

I personally have known the Sacco family who run Alchemy for nearly 40 years and the entire time they have always done things to help animals in any way they could.

True, the shelter mainly runs on donations, but I know they have spent thousands of dollars of their own money when there weren’t enough donations to do it.

Ms. Hack complains people are not permitted inside to see the conditions. Why is this so important to her when all she has to do is look at the animals to see they are well cared for.

There are many reasons, not excuses, why they don’t allow just anyone in to see all the dogs at one time. One of which was being cited into court for barking dogs. True, there are a lot of animals at the shelter but it is because they don’t take in readily homed animals. They take in animals who are really in need of help. Ms. Hack asks why the public continues to donate. I would say it is because they care for animals and know they get good care at Alchemy. Their success proves it.

I also have a challenge for everyone: If you can do something to help animals, that’s great. If you decide not to do anything that’s OK too, but don’t try to hinder or make trouble for the ones who are trying to do something.

It’s not like there aren’t enough animals who need help to go around. If you want to help, support whichever pound or shelter fits your beliefs, don’t condemn another.

Jean Fluharty