Home invasion


I cannot tell you how disappointed I was to read the letter condemning Alchemy Acres! This letter not only hurt the people who work tirelessly at the sanctuary but questioned the ethics of the veterinarians, humane officers, lawyers, contractors, volunteers and public who have been through our facility.

I would love to ask someone who runs a foster-based program that adopts from homes, “would you be open to allowing 5-10 potential adopters daily wander though the foster homes where the pets have lived?” There is obviously a need for all rescues or we would not be here. This area could use more facilities as there are still so many pets in need who have nowhere to go.

Here are the reasons why Alchemy Acres does not allow people to walk through our facility.

Perry Township has a noise ordinance that we have been found guilty of violating three times. We appeared in court and was fined. This is money that came from donations! If we were to have strangers strolling through randomly, the barking would be endless.

It is true our insurance policy does not allow the general public to walk through our facility. We are obtaining a letter from the insurance company that will be posted in our lobby.

People who come to see a potential new family member often come from other facilities that may not have used the extreme cross contamination protection Alchemy does. This is a huge factor in defensive shielding from a world of parasites and diseases.

We are a sanctuary, not a petting zoo! The sanctuary is home to these animals, not just a menagerie to be gawked at. The stress the animals would be under if this were the situation would have them cringing in the corners instead of playing in their kennels. And I repeat, kennels not crates, not tie outs, but kennels, most of which only have one dog per kennel and the remaining kennels with two because sometimes even in home environments life is more fun for a dog with a buddy!

Here at Alchemy we do environmental adoptions, this way we are able to place our animals in the best possible fitting forever homes available.

We really know our animals here, we know their likes and dislikes, we know their attitudes, their stances, their mindsets and it is from hours of working with them that we know them! We have a consistent staff of volunteers that work with all of them daily.

We take this personally, we are families born and raised from this area and unfortunately the last time this happened my personal dogs were poisoned when someone threw rat poison in canned dog food and hamburger over our fence at home. This is not a situation to be dealt with lightly. When someone accuses anyone of any form of abuse, there are radical people out there that think they will handle it, that think they know best.

Julie K. Sacco, president

Alchemy Acres