Full of dismay


On May 27, I headed down to East Liverpool for the annual services and parade to honor our nation’s men and women who lost their lives while serving our country. This trip I seemed to notice there were more flags being displayed at homes and business, via state Route 170 in Calcutta and Dresden Avenue, then I have seen in years past.

What I observed was that flags being displayed from poles were not displayed the same way. Some had the flag at half staff (proper) and some were at full staff (improper).

What really amazed me were some businesses such as three banks (improper), one plaza (improper), one plaza (proper), fast food places (one proper and one improper), a church (improper), but what really amazed me were three buildings that are federal buildings and all were improper.

As I came into East Liverpool there on the Diamond was Old Glory at full staff (improper). Then as I took my spot across from City Hall there were three flags, one at the left and one at the right of the main entrance and one in the center of the building, and all were at full staff.

A little thing you may say … but I would think of all places, especially where we gather to honor and pay thanks to those men and women who gave the ultimate price in defense for our country, that we would have made this stage perfect by having our flag(s) at half staff until noon, and then raise the flag of this nation to full staff.

I hope that those who I spoke to will make sure that future ceremonies will have the stage perfect.

I then proceeded home at 12:15 p.m. via the same route, and some of those who displayed the flag at half staff had raised the flag to full staff and some did not.

Walmart, Sheetz, the Motor Lodge and McDonald’s got it right.

If we make the small things right, big things will fall in place.

Paul Hill