EP’s change for the good


Maybe East Palestine finally got it right. The annual street fair was relocated back to Market Street and taken off the side streets for the first time in many years.

Wow … what a novel idea. Years ago the “street fair” was always set up on Market Street and always seemed to draw respectable crowds. Then it was placed on the side streets and the crowds appeared to dwindle. Also. the quality of the rides and the workers seemed to deteriorate as years flew by.

Now with the new theme, “Back to the Main Street,” the buzz about the fair was back. People were discussing this change. The crowd on Saturday night appeared decent, even with the unseasonably cold temperatures. The variety and cleanliness of the rides appeared to be an improvement. Bates provided the rides and should be commended. This is the same outfit that provides amusement for the Canfield Fair.

My wife and I, who have not attended a local street fair in years, actually made an appearance at this year’s event and were pleasantly surprised. We saw people we had not seen in years, talked to friends we had not talked with in awhile and maybe witnessed a comeback for the city. It was also enjoyable to see some old familiar faces again.

Kudos to the East Palestine Chamber of Commerce, Mayor Margo Zuch and council for this change of venue. Maybe this will kick start a renaissance and actually promote some growth in our humble town.

Doug Walker

East Palestine