A mother’s grief, a mother’s anger


I am the mother of the 23-year-old boy who died from an overdose of heroin at the Days Inn in Lisbon.

I just wanted you to know there should be more said about this. My precious son was a very beautiful person who loved life and people. He had gotten with a person he thought he loved, and she introduced him to death (heroin).

My son tried everything he could to break free from this monster, but it tortured him even when he was trying to stay clean.

We tried everything we could to escape that awful disease – rehab, counseling, church.

But what really makes me mad is that we begged the police for help many times. I even gave them phone numbers and names that I got off my son’s cell phone and messages, but they did nothing.

A couple of days after my son’s passing, they finally showed up to look at his cell phone and took pictures of the text messages from the person who sold the stuff to him, and yet nothing has been done.

The girl who sold my son this stuff is free and still selling to people. She will probably remain free because nobody does anything.

My son would probably be here if they would have helped us. I even gave them license plate descriptions.

Something needs to be done about this before someone else dies. Another person’s child will die and the parents will have to live the awful pain and agony that I live with every day, while those who are selling heroin are enjoying their lives. My son will never have another chance. Ever.

Daphney House