Sebring schools taking on water


I am a parent in the Sebring Local School District. On May 15 I along with many other members of the community attended a school board meeting.

There are many problems in our schools right now and it seems it is being minimized, or not publicly talked about at all. The projected budget for our schools is very alarming and cuts are being talked about for next school year.

As a parent I understand that cuts will have to be made, but it honestly feels like a slap in the face when a budget is presented that shows major problems yet the board and superintendent continue to waste money on legal battles with teachers.

One such battle is attempting to discredit the legitimacy of a sick leave taken by Betsy Walsh. I, as well as many other parents in the community, were led to believe this situation was dealt with, but as of May 16 Mrs. Walsh is currently on suspension because the administrators decided to continue “investigating” her claim of illness.

Where is the funding coming from to pursue these investigations? How can the administration justify making cuts to important school programs when they will not stop wasting funds on discrediting teachers?

When is the school board going to recognize that the community is not happy with the direction they are taking our district in? As elected members of the school board their first priority should be the voice of the community, they work for us.

It is shameful that community members who wanted to speak were silenced because of not following the policy the board has set forth for speaking. The policies that have been adopted include giving seven days notice to a member of the administration for approval to speak, but this policy is not listed on the schools website, and only seems to be in place when there are controversial issues happening.

This policy was not stressed at the April meeting when the budget was being presented, but when it’s something the board and superintendent do not want brought to light then it is followed. I hope this opens the eyes of some parents in the district, become involved because Sebring Schools are like the Titanic right now and we have hit an iceberg.

Natalie Schmid