Not the answer


As Jim Demint recently stated, “Immigration reform should improve the lives, incomes and opportunities” of those who live in this country legally. The current immigration bill does none of the above. The Heritage Foundation recently did a study indicating that the current immigration bill will cost the taxpayers over $6 trillion in the next 10 years.

Considering the fiscal deficit situation of our country, can we afford yet another debt being added to our children’s future burdens?

The bill states that illegal immigrants would not be able to draw means tested benefits for 10 years. Who believes that after amnesty is passed, we won’t hear the sob stories of how this isn’t fair? It needs to be fixed so these poor (now lawful) people can have the government benefits they deserve.

It also states that there will be increased enforcement at the border. We will have a wall and border security. How long have we been hearing this?

This bill also punishes those people who have been waiting in line legally to immigrate. Shouldn’t we also consider a visa system that encourages immigrants with higher educations? Doesn’t increasing low-skilled workers just create more competition for our citizens that are struggling now?

We need immigration reforms, but this bill being rammed down our throats is not the answer. We need thoughtful immigration changes. Write or call your senators and representatives now about this important issue that affects all of us.

Shelley Simms

East Liverpool