Not a statue


My sole reason for attending the special meeting of Lisbon Village Council was to set the record straight regarding my stance on the issue of the Vallandigham statue. In reading from my prepared statement, at no time did I indicate that I favored the statue.

In fact, I stated that in my opinion a more appropriate recognition of Vallandigham would be the placement of a “historical plaque” in the front yard of the home he once occupied. This would be a lot less costly and could also be done in the yards of other homes in the village once occupied by historical figures. Unfortunately, in the reporting of the meeting, I was characterized as being in favor of the statue. Although I support Clement Vallandigham’s views on states’ rights and free speech, I do not support the placement of a statue of Clement Vallandigham on the square in Lisbon. I agree with other commenters that he is much too controversial and divisive for such recognition.

Dick Rose