It takes courage


I would like to take issue with Mr. Gallo’s crass and ignorant remarks re: Lisbon hero and one of our nation’s greatest defenders of the founding principles of the American republic, Clement Laird Vallandigham.

My knowledge of Mr. Vallandigham goes back a few years to an article I wrote for “Southern Partisan” titled, “Clement Laird Vallandigham, An American Constitutionalist (Winter, 2001)”, and his ‘politics’ can be summarized briefly as that of a man who embraced the principles of the American founding: to wit, state’s rights, separation of powers, a strict adherence to the Constitution, etc., while being an vociferous foe of all those rascals and scalawags who sought to consolidate power in Washington City.

Clement was quick to recognize Lincoln’s illegal, not to mention, immoral invasion of the Southern states and soon found himself in the radical president’s cross hairs for his insistence that the Lincoln regime follow the Constitution.

In short Lincoln was the bad guy who engaged in illegal and extra-constitutional practices against the American people (many of the same practices are occurring under the Obama regime as I write), while our friend and fellow townsman, Congressman Vallandigham, stood bravely against the tyrant, Lincoln, in the halls of Congress.

It is a disgrace, then, to have people in Lisbon, so poorly educated, ignorant, or so corrupt in their politics that they would seek to thwart the efforts of good people to recognize the heroism of this great American patriot.

In erecting a statue to Mr. Vallandigham, Lisbon will be recognizing the courage of a native son, a true American, and rejecting the mendacity and tyranny of Abraham Lincoln and the horrors caused by his regime.

Robert C. Cheeks