Broken dreams


Just some food for thought. If Obama keeps on getting all those Pinnochios from the Washington Post his nose is going to present quite a problem to the sculptor when he chisels his likeness besides George Washington on Mt. Rushmore. Perhaps a test of ObamaCare would be to see if it would cover his rhinoplasty at Bethesda Naval Hospital.

Shirley Sherrod of the Agriculture Department along with the vulture lawyers from the Southern Poverty Law Center complained that black farmers in the South were traditionally discriminated against. Thousands received checks for $50,000. It didn’t take much to qualify. One elderly man attested that the only crop he even grew was marijuana in clay pots inside his hours. On his application they simply put down that he raised potted plants. They never mentioned the pot in the potted plants. He got the $50,000.

Lisa Jackson halted many mining projects and blocked oil and gas drilling during her tenure at the EPA and has cost our economy tens of billions of dollars. She’s leaving now with a fat pension and her painting was recently hung in the Capitol at a cost to the taxpayers of $40,000.

We’ve just built an embassy on the southern tip of the Arabian Peninsula at a cost of $80,000. The State Department just admitted that it goofed when reading the blueprints and it’s not terrorist proof. Now it has to be demolished. Is it any wonder we’re broke?

Lloyd Berresford