The poisoning persists


So if the rumors we have been hearing for the past 10 years are true, that the original construction debris put in the Negley Dump was from the 9/11 disaster, then the people in Negley and around the dump base are in serious danger due to contamination of their drinking water from human remains that were in the 9/11 construction debris.

No one person or organization has done a careful study of that original debris, namely the Columbiana County Public Health Department which had the original permission nor the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (OEPA) which gave the recent license and permit renewal for the dump.

Tell me readers, does anyone know where all the 9/11 debris was deposited in the USA?

For 25 years I worked as a wildlife ecologist in Africa, so I am well aware of what rotting animal and human remains smell like and as I reported previously the odors coming from that dump-smelled as far away as East Palestine – were not construction debris smells. Also why were there so many flies and maggots on that dump?

The medical records found by Negley residents, which were found next to the parked railroad cars bringing the trash to the dump, indicate the possibility of medical waste being dumped as well.

So once again, I ask when are our government agencies, charged with the responsibility of protecting the health of citizens, going to stop this blatant, unhealthy dumping in Ohio?

John Herbert

East Palestine