Old times


Memories of my time as a Morgan’s Raider.

Seems like yesterday, but it was about 50 years ago when we mounted up and left Salineville headed northeast on a quest of turning south toward the river.

I was 12 or 13 and mounted on a horse who was a real raider steal at $82.50 from the Elkton ring. He was a proud old gelding, frequently rode and who had been ridden from Glasgow to Highlandtown and home about 1 a.m. then in the night trucked to Salineville by my dad’s cousin Lloyd Smith to a stable behind Rukhart’s tavern.

We raiders headed northeast out of Salineville, came out on Steubenville Pike and turned to the east. We were intercepted east of West Beaver Church.

Since this was a re-enactment we were free to go home, so we went south on McCormick Run, east on McCormick Road, south on Noble Road to Osbourne Road, and east to home between Yellow Creek Church and Glasgow.

Great memories of the horses, people and those times. Sure would like to do that again, if like a good raider, I could just borrow a fresh horse.

John R. Mick