It was a very good Good Friday


I wanted to commend the Morning Journal on an awesome story in Friday’s edition. The article, penned by Jo Ann Bobby-Gilbert, was a heart-lifting account about the compassion of the people that live in our county.

If you missed it, the story was about a couple down on their luck, with no money, on foot trying to walk from Chester W.Va to Indiana, with two dogs. They were aided by our folks and helped along the way by people they didn’t know. They were given food, and place to stay, and a ride to Mansfield, Ohio, from a total stranger.

It is wonderful to see the passion that lives in people in Columbiana County. It’s refreshing to read that the human spirit is alive and well in our county.

And guess what, the government wasn’t even involved.

If we all could try to pay it forward, imagine how great not just our lives, but the lives of those around us, would be.

Thank you for providing a great start to the day for those of us that read the article. Good luck to those people and those who lent a hand to them.

What a fitting article published on Good Friday. It certainly was a good Friday to not only those involved in the situation, but those of us that read the article.

Patrick White