Unanimous disapproval


I don’t remember a time I picked up my copy of the newspaper only to peruse an article that made me as extremely angry as the one last week headlined “BOE approves millage move for stadium.”

In this particular instance, the Southern Local school board has unanimously approved increasing the Southern Local district citizens’ property tax to pay for improvements to the school’s football stadium merely by “moving two (2) mills within the ten (10) mill limitation from the current expense allocation to the permanent improvements allocation.”

If ever there was an underhanded, furtive, sneaky action taken by any board of education, this one at Southern Local has to take the cake. Whatever happened to laws protecting citizens and property owners from taxation without representation? Hey, folks, did you even know they could put their grubby hands into your pockets in this dubious manner? Not much better than the lowdown thief that steals flowers from graves at the cemetery.

Since when can a school superintendent host informal public meetings, then unilaterally impose additional property taxes because he found the support at the meeting “generally favorable.” A few people at an informal meeting do not, in any way, represent the opinion of the general taxpaying public.

Apparently, Mr. Wilson didn’t want to be burdened by seeking voter approval of additional funding through a ballet issue that can be decided by the voters as our United States Constitution outlines. If this is how Mr. Wilson runs the school system, he needs to be replaced immediately. Who knows what other pie-in-the-sky projects he might have on his “wish list” that he will shove down our throats next and support in the same devious, deceitful manner.

These comments being made, let me say that our daughter is an honors graduate of Southern Local and we have always been strong supports of Southern Local Schools. We would, and have, cheerfully donated money, personally, to support worthy projects at the school.

It is not the project I am opposed to here, but the method of forced funding which leaves a very bad taste in my mouth and I’m sure others will be similarly affected.

I would urge the board to “unanimously” rescind this decision and seek funding through approved, aboveboard methods. Otherwise, I also urge each and every voter in the district to remember these members’ decision at the next election.

Cynthia Emmerling