Think about it


A couple readers have questioned the veracity of my letter discussing President Obama’s manipulation of the description of events at the Bengazhi tragedy. Political expediency compelled him to declare the attack there by a mob incited after watching an offensive video made by an American kook and not the result of an organized al-Quaeda force using artillery and heavy weapons. My statement that he knew all along it was terrorist attack but actively promoted the mob is being challenged. During the final presidential debate Mitt Romney weighed in on this issue, and Obama protested that he had in fact declared the Bengazhi incident terrorist inspired. This was false. Obama used the word terror and terrorism only in reference to his general foreign policy and not specifically to the events at Bengazhi.

Romney collared him on this but Candy Crowley from CNN the moderator of this debate and a left wing stooge intervened and backed up Obama’s statement. The crowd applauded and Obama dodged a bullet and Romney was made to look like a fool. However days later Crowley, under pressure after viewing Obama’s speech at the White House of Bengazhi admitted that she was wrong in backing this untruth and apologized. This however was little noticed by the public and the damage to Romney remained and Obama got away with the lie.

After the debate why did Obama continue to put his bootlickers out there to perpetuate the ruse? Why did they even go so far as to put the dupe in jail who made the video? No, I don’t allow the little marxist troopers of Sol Alinsky, the Rachel Maddows, the Bob Schieffers, the Ed Schultzes, the Chris Matthews, or the David Gregorys to subvert my thinking. I have always been counseled by these two precepts from Plato, “Things are not always as they seem” and “Sight is a faculty but seeing is an art.” I’ll stand by what I write. If others want to be led by their noses and marched to the Kool-Aid dispenser, then that’s their business. As H.L. Mencken once said, “Nobody ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American People.”

Lloyd Berresford