Pump support into fire levy


The village of Lisbon, Center Township and Elkrun Township jointly own and share the building that contains the fire department in Lisbon. The building contains the fire equipment needed for fire protection in these three areas.

The townships and the village have their own equipment. Some of the equipment is shared by the three entities.

Center Township and Elkrun Township have a pumper truck that is antiquated and needs to be replaced. Center Township has a 1.23-mill levy that will be on the ballot in May. This money will be used to pay for Center Township’s share of the pumper truck. Elkrun Township passed its levy and will have the money for its share of the truck.

The levy would cost the owner of a $100,000 home approximately $37 a year for five years.

Please vote yes for this much needed levy in May. The firemen need this truck to do their job properly. We are fortunate to have a good fire department. They can’t do their job without the proper equipment.

Joe Csonka

Center Township trustee