Past and future


In the late 1990s, the Lisbon Area Chamber of Commerce funded the annexation of Route 154 that borders the village of Lisbon and Elkrun Township. At a time when the village was experiencing a financial struggle, it was the chamber which acted as the spearheading agent and provided the funding needed for the annexation. The chamber spent tens of thousands of dollars for surveying, attorneys and associated expenses as a result of the annexing project. Following the completion, Ordinance No. 1599 was passed on 12/21/1998 levying a six percent tax on transactions for lodging accommodations at hotels within the village limits of Lisbon. The village and the chamber currently split 50 percent of the collected tax. The remaining 50 percent stays in Elkrun Township.

I find it quite disturbing that the Morning Journal’s editorial would categorize the Lisbon Area Chamber of Commerce as being lackadaisical in light of the most recent inquiries concerning these tourism dollars. I would like to point out that the chamber conducts their business according to The Roberts Rules of Order. This prevents the chamber from considering hearsay as an official request for information.

The chamber did not ignore Lisbon Village Council, I was in contact with Mayor Bing and I did request to be placed on the agenda for the next council meeting so their concerns could be addressed. Yet after a few minutes the mayor and I agreed that he would attend a chamber meeting instead. So on behalf of the chamber, I invited the mayor to our meeting that was taking place on Tuesday following our conversation, and he accepted the invitation.

Our executive director allowed time on the agenda for the mayor to voice his concerns. He provided a written request asking for a copy of the chamber’s approved meeting minutes from each month going forward.

The chamber voted to extend a gratis membership to the village followed with an additional vote to forward our approved meeting minutes to council as requested. Mayor Bing was satisfied with this solution to his request.

We are continuing this open dialogue between the Lisbon Area Chamber of Commerce and the Lisbon Village Council and look forward to a bright and prosperous future. Thank you for this opportunity.

Susan Shank,

LACC president