Papal praise


After waiting with much anticipation for the election of our new pope, I am ecstatic with the election of Pope Francis. He seems like he will be a holy, humble pope with a great emphasis on helping all people.

Material things are not uppermost on his mind. While he was a cardinal he could have lived in the lavish cardinal residence accorded him, but he chose to live in a small house. He could have been driven around in a chauffeur driven limousine but rode a bus to work. He even cooked his own meals and carried his own luggage.

On the day of his election when he came out to the balcony to greet the large crowd assembled, I chuckled when he came out wearing his old brown shoes and not the red or white shoes that the pope usually wears. I watched in awe as he stood there and blessed the people, and it truly brought tears to my eyes.

Christ was born in a stable and reached out to everyone, including the poor, not only the rich.

Long live our Holy Father Pope Francis. He is a pope for all people.

Dolly Brophey