More tax talk


In 2011, United Local School Board put a $9.75 million levy on the ballot for a new school. It was turned down two times by the voters. Now they say the voters voted it down because they want the old school fixed up. Yes, they do want it fixed up like it should have been done all along.

Now they want to put a 3-mill permanent improvement levy on the ballot in May that they say will generate $376,000 per year according to Superintendent Viscounte. He also said the board “will likely let the old one expire.” It has been on the ballot since 1984; in 2011 United Local had $6.26 million in 15 banks. They also received $116,000 for gas drilling rights.

If United Local’s school board cannot keep the school in decent shape with this kind of money we are in deep trouble. By the way Columbiana, Crestview and United Local residents are the only people in Columbiana County paying income tax to their schools.

Bill Gray