America’s path


Americans, specifically 66 percent, believe the country is heading in the wrong direction.

The Bible and the Constitution are integral to our nation’s survival. As we remember, the Passover exodus from Egypt and as Christians celebrate the Resurrection, the resonating core message is freedom.

Israel having been freed from Egypt embraced the covenant. American patriots freed from tyranny embraced the U.S. Constitution. They recognized that freedom and liberty cannot be sustained in anarchy or tyranny, but are sustainable only within the rule of law. Both respectively, embraced the theocratic rule of law, administered by men, having its core morality and substance in the existence, character and revelation of the one true living God, not in men or tyrants.

Freedom is an inalienable right gifted by God to every human being. Liberty is the right to experience and live out that freedom, as we choose. Although liberty may at times need to be defined, freedom must remain as an absolute reality and not an abstract idealism.

The biblical covenant and the Constitution define the rule of law, a limited government, that men are created equal in the image of God, the advancement of freedom and the character of liberty. Both secure, not an equal outcome, but equal opportunity for all who seize it. Both sustain the values of community and nationhood that hinge contingently upon each individual’s morality and integrity. They construct the foundational elements for a cultural worldview with righteous ethics, retribution for wrong, rights and responsibilities, established just weights in economics and a biblical justice that neither tilts in favor to the wealthy or to the poor.

The liberal progressive democratic socialists have done their homework well and have implemented their worldview consistently and relentlessly. Their Saul Alinsky, communist, socialist, Marxist, fascist manifestos have been incrementally woven into our political, social, economic, cultural and religious fabric.

Assaulting our foundational pacts, they vehemently pursue to rewrite our history. Their insidious manifestos run in direct conflict to the master design of character, morality, values, culture, economy and social order of both the biblical covenant and the Constitution. They mask their agendas as compassion and advocacy by strategic marketing facades for mass consumption, sidelining the truth; knowing that the first messaging sound bites will be what sticks in people’s minds.

The Bible records a warning regarding kings imposing taxes and demonstrably exhibiting that “absolute power corrupts absolutely,” in turn, making people subjects rather than serving citizens. The Constitution straightforwardly establishes restraints on such intoxicating addictions. It securely empowers “We the People” as the dominating governmental embodiment whose elected representatives serve on their behalf.

Historically, people fought as slaves to be free. We now find ourselves as free people fighting to not to be made slaves. Israel sought Teshuvah/Return, the Puritans sought revival and American Patriots fought the Revolution; each discovering a covenant and a Constitution advancing freedom.

May “We the People” change our direction, experience our exodus to freedom, rediscover the biblical covenant and defend the Constitution and America.

Mark E. Guy

East Palestine