Tipped off


The recent front page article about the union picketing outside of Ventra hit a nerve with me. It was very slanted to pro-union and only told one side of the story. This is not news, this is opinion since not both sides were taken into account.

The employees of Ventra Salem have refused union membership by a majority vote several times. The last time the UAW tried to organize within the Salem plant, they were not even able to acquire enough votes for them to organize strongly. In this country, the majority decides for the minority. If you wish for the minority to decide for the majority then maybe another country is for you.

The employees of Ventra are receiving a competitive wage for the area. They receive several benefits including hospitalization. Yes, there have been cutbacks but to remain competitive many companies need to make cutbacks.

You mentioned that an employee flipped the union off, but you failed to mention that they were blocking the view of exiting motorists of Pennsylvania Avenue. This is against the law last I checked, last I heard this is called obstructing view. I guess breaking the law is acceptable if it is for an issue the newspaper agrees with.

For clarity purposes, I am a subscriber to the Morning Journal but if this form of one-sided reporting continues as news, I won’t be long. I am an employee of Ventra, but since the company and I often don’t see eye to eye, I have no problem with you posting my name. As for the union, I voted for them at the last election, but I am an American and accept the majority rule which this nation was formed upon.

In the future please get both sides of a story before publishing.

Harvey Householder