The war continues in an effort to silence Fox News. Elements of the far left have been at it for several years. Not only are they trying to drive the programs off the air, but some loons have been snooping into the private lives of the commentators and other personnel employed by Fox.

The fact that Fox News has always presented the news complete and unaltered seems to rub the far left and the other networks the wrong way and the undisputed fact that Fox outscores the other networks with ratings rubs more dirt into the wound.

I have been watching Fox News for 10 years and can think of no time when their rendition of the news was not given completely and without bias. I won’t deny that they tend to lean toward most conservative issues, however, with the other three networks always pushing the left’s agenda Fox News offers a much needed balance.

When an issue comes up involving liberal and conservative matters, members from both sides are invited to meet and debate. The debates are always informative and often entertaining. Fox News has members from both parties on their news staff.

Why is the far left so viciously trying to drive Fox News off the air? I believe they are afraid. Afraid because they view Fox News as an enemy of their socialist agenda, which is the abolishment of our capitalist system, a bloated oversized government leading us into the quagmire of a socialistic state.

Leon White