Two wrongs make a blight


Is there anything wrong with this picture?

After reading Bill O’Reilly’s Jan. 15 column regarding the 876 mandates signed into law by California Gov. Jerry Brown, I compared these laws as described by O’Reilly with the national law of legalizing murder-Roe vs. Wade. It is impossible to get my mind around the fact that law makers will pass laws to micromanage the individual’s life but the value of the individual’s life at conception is not protected.

The horrendous tragedy in Newton, Conn. isn’t about gun control, it is about the systematically devaluing of life that has occurred in our nation. Not allowing prayer in our schools, not allowing the most vulnerable to be protected, not allowing military chaplains to preach the true Biblical values given to us in God’s word has all contributed to the loss of our nation’s direction.

When wrong becomes right and bad is considered politically expedient, we have lowered the standard of how we value life.

When will our nation, conceived by the Declaration of Independence and formed by the Constitution of the United States, stop declaring it has the right to allow the murder of babies? When will our nation realize that the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act neither protects life nor is affordable – in either dollars and cents or morally.

Many people in and out of government have declared, marched, endorsed bills and written to those in office communicating the injustice, unconstitutionality, and God dishonoring content of both-Roe vs. Wade and Obamacare.

Those sitting justices on the Supreme Court as well as our president are delusional if they believe their opinions, which dishonor God, are superior to the truths of the God who created them.

When will our elected officials choose to do what is right in God’s eyes and not be men pleasers and strike down these two horrendous pieces of legislation?

God will not be mocked whatsoever a nation sows so shall it reap.

Cynthia Coppersmith