This much is too much


West Township Trustees and residents, you have passed a new levy for the roads of West Township, how about trying to get something done about the eyesore properties located in West Township.

I have been to the West Township Trustees and have attended the meetings, trying to get some of these properties cleaned up, only to be told it takes a lot of hard work and their hands are tied, because of no zoning laws. I have even been told by one trustee, because of being so close to the Minerva village limits why not have my property annexed into the village limits? Nothing like trying to pass the buck.

Unfortunately, nothing seems to be helping so I have decided to take it to the public. I have made complaints to the Columbiana County Health Department and Columbiana County Humane Society, even though the humane society has been to this property with the help of the Minerva Fire Department to save a horse from a flooding creek.

My question is how many animals are too many for a 200- by 50-foot lot? How much junk is too much and what does it take to get help to clean these properties up before we have rodents.

Having these eyesore properties in West Township is bringing everyone’s property value down. So why not help get something started and start cleaning up these properties?

Donna J. Ramsey