Father figures


I am writing to comment on Mr. Harding’s column in the Sunday, Dec. 30 edition and offer an opinion of my own.

Like Mr. Harding, I am a NRA member but do not consider myself callous. And like Mr. Harding, I must have grown up about the same time as his youthful experiences with guns and traplines mirror mine.

I fully agree with all of his comments and assessments regarding the Newtown tragedy. In closing he stated that “we need to take a look at what has caused America to become so violent.” I believe he touched on one of the reasons earlier in his column when he said “pointing a gun at a human brought the wrath of dad upon us and that wrath could make it hard to sit for a while.”

According to published statistics, the majority of children born today and for some time past are born to single mothers with no father in the picture. Without a father figure to set examples, provide limits and discipline when the limits are exceeded, they grow up thinking it is macho to emulate the violence they see on the screen whether it is movies or computer games.

Additionally, it is my opinion our government, both state and federal, has contributed to the increase in violence by closing 90 percent of the mental health institutions in belief that all those with mental issues can be mainstreamed. It seems obvious that this is not true.

Kenneth Everett