Dump is back


Well folks, it looks like that polluting, danger-to-health Negley dump is going to start up again. Our Ohio EPA, (Every Politician’s Answer) and their lackeys at the Columbiana County Public Health Department are approving the deal.

I sympathize with the adults and their children in Negley who have to deal with questionable drinking water which has been exposed to the dump’s chemicals via the underground water system. Also that the Negley and East Palestine residents will be forced to smell the foul odors coming from the dump. Who knew industrial waste could smell so bad?

It is amazing that all the effort put forward by a small group of concerned citizens opposed to the dump to gather data which called into question the superficial testing done by a company hired by Total Waste Logistics and used as the definitive study has not been able to generate any support from the Middleton Township Trustees nor the East Palestine Village Council, who surely must see the dump’s negative effect on the local environment.

Oh well, in all likelihood all the trash and debris from Hurricane Sandy may soon be chugging past on the Port Authority railroad, too. Why are we being forced to accept the pollution, the health concerns and noxious odor factors which this dump will generate.

I still find it hard to understand why we are expected to deal with New York and New Jersey’s trash – not to mention Canadian trash – which is finding its way into our part of Ohio for disposal.

John Herbert

East Palestine