A real pro


The Jan. 10 edition of the Journal ran an article on the front page with the headline, “Two re-up for public service.” What better qualifications do these “public servants” have than long time successful businessman Steve Cooper?

One is a retired city manager and one deserted her position as county commissioner for her own gain.

Steve Cooper has been a successful business owner for many years. He and his business have contributed to Columbiana County’s economy. He has been actively engaged in commerce and industry all of his adult life. His record as a member of the Port Authority is stellar.

This appears to be another example of why our nation is in such turmoil. Everyone involved in this decision is a public servant paid by the taxpayers of Columbiana County. It would appear that our public servants only serve fellow public servants.

A position on the Port Authority should not be a reward for being a public servant. A position on the Port Authority should be decided for the good of the people of Columbiana County and the industry we want to entice to our area.

Who would be better at that than someone who understands commerce through personal experience?

Marilyn A. Parkes