Mueller should wrap up probe

As often is the case when special counsel investigations are launched in Washington, the one headed by Robert Mueller has become far more complex and wide-ranging than some observers expected.

It was in May 2017 that Mueller was told by the Justice Department to form a team and investigate allegations of Russian interference with the 2016 election. Since then, Mueller has leveled accusations against some Russian officials and companies he alleges tried to influence the election in various ways.

Mueller also has branched out with multiple indictments not related directly to the Russian interference investigation. Among them have been some former associates of President Donald Trump.

For his part, Trump has maintained steadfastly that he had nothing to do with Russian efforts to steer U.S. voters one way or the other in the presidential election. He has referred to the special counsel probe as “a witch hunt.”

Now, finally, it appears Mueller may have reached at least the beginning of the end of his work. Earlier this summer, two attorneys hired for the investigation left Mueller’s team. This week, it was confirmed two others are departing.

Thoughtful Americans of all ideological stripes are eager to learn precisely what the special counsel’s investigation has turned up. At the same time, many are growing impatient that the work is seeming to drag on an on and on.

Let us hope Mueller has reached the point of offering a report on the core subject he was instructed to explore. The sooner that can happen, the better.