What is good for ELCH is good for the county

The announcement of the finalization of the sale of East Liverpool City Hospital comes as good news for the community and the surrounding area which depends on this facility as its primary source of health care and as a major employer.

Opened Jan. 1, 1905, City Hospital quickly became an important medical facility and center of activity for the growing city and the Tri-State Area.

In the years that followed, City Hospital saw massive expansions and added many new services. However, when difficult economic times struck the area in the 1980s, City Hospital, along with everything else, was adversely affected. Since that downturn, some of the local economy has rebounded, but the hospital has struggled to maintain its presence. Many services were curtailed and even the obstetric and pediatric wards were closed in 2014. Closing the maternity ward of the hospital, where many area residents, their children and grandchildren were born, seemed to signal impending doom for the facility.

Now, however, hope for its future is renewed, by the acquisition of the hospital by Prime Healthcare Foundation.

“…We’re very confident, that what we do is that we can go in there, re-energize that hospital, bring it back to life and be successful and provide all those services the community needs,” Ruben Garza, new interim CEO of East Liverpool City Hospital, said in announcing the recent purchase.

Re-energizing is exactly what this hospital needs and we welcome the confidence the new owner Prime Healthcare Foundation projects for the future of City Hospital.

Bringing City Hospital back to the standard in health care that it once was while preserving some 700 jobs, is the shot in the arm this area needs. We wish them success.