Loose Ends

Rogers Councilman Tom Chambers isn’t the only local official who takes to the streets to plow snow when needed. While on my way to work following the Feb. 16 snowstorm that dumped up to a foot of snow on Columbiana County, I saw Lisbon Mayor Joe Morenz plowing the village street leading to the Morning Journal offices. Morenz said he plowed for about two hours that day so the street department workers could catch some sleep after being up all night. Talk about being hands on.

Loose Ends

My story about Columbiana County commissioners trying to recall the number of county residents who played in the NFL drew responses from readers who advised me of some omissions.

I received two emails telling me of Salem’s Lou Slaby, who played several seasons in the NFL for the Giants and Lions during the 1960s.

Frank Dawson of East Liverpool also noted that East Liverpool graduates Dick Booth and Emil Mayer played in the NFL during its earlier years – Booth in the early 1940s for the Lions and Mayer in 1927 for the Pottsville (Pa.) Maroons and in 1930 for the Portsmouth (Ohio) Spartans, which later relocated to Detroit and became the Lions.

-Tom Giambroni