Obama trashes another law

What would William McKinley, who served as president from 1897 until he was assassinated in 1901, think of a chief executive who refused to obey the law of the land? Modern-day Americans can only speculate about that.

But they have first-hand knowledge of President Barack Obama’s predilection for insisting the law is what he says it is, not what Congress has written in the statute books.

Obama did it again this week, declaring that henceforth, the highest point in North America will be known as Mount Denali. For decades, the official name had been Mount McKinley.

Regardless of how you feel about how the peak is referred to – and there are good arguments in favor of Denali – the bottom line is that a law enacted in 1917 and never changed gave it the late president’s name.

That may be the law of the land, but little details such as that never stopped Obama before. In fact, he has been arrogant about it, declaring no one could prevent him from using a stroke of his pen to create, in effect, his own laws. He did it so many times with Obamacare that it is difficult to keep track of the changes he ordered in the law his administration wrote.

But now, by order of the president, another law has been trashed. One wonders what other statutes Obama will overrule during his remaining months in office.