Roasts and Toasts

TOAST East Liverpool resident Amy Lynn Dowd for going the extra mile after her husband, en route to work, called to tell her he saw two dogs that appeared to have been dumped out on state Route 11 at 4 a.m. Dowd headed for the scene, where she unfortunately found one of the dogs had been struck and killed, the other dog lying over its body. While she tried to get the other dog to come to her, she witnessed another vehicle hit the deceased dog, so she took its body, also. After tracking down the dogs’ owner, Dowd took the surviving dog home but agreed to dispose of the deceased one since the owner could not bear to see it, having just purchased it for the grandchildren. Arrangements were made to cremate the dog, and Dowd also contacted the dog warden to ask that someone follow up on the surviving dog’s living conditions.

TOAST, also, Frank Thorne Jr., owner of P&T Pet Cremation Service who generously went and picked up the aforementioned deceased dog at Dowd’s home and cremated it at no charge.

TOAST the owners of Rogers Community Auction for listening to the concerns of the community and changing its policy about allowing the sale of dogs at the popular Friday open air market. People complained both on Facebook and via telephone to the company after the last sale day about puppies being sold in undesirable conditions. Within a day, the company investigated, removed one vendor and put out a notice on Facebook saying it will no longer permit the sale or giving away of any animals by vendors or visitors within the market. The company also asks that anyone witnessing such activity report it. Kudos to this local family owned business.

ROAST people who are rude and disrespectful to other people when they aren’t going to get exactly what they want, when they want it. You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. Being vulgar only makes the situation more sour than it needs to be. Not everyone will get what they want. Such is life. Accept it.

ROAST people who have bad handwriting and get upset when information passed along in said handwriting is incorrect. Technology has been evolving and advancing for many years so things can be typed and communication is faster and more clear than ever. People should evolve with it.