Not so ResponsibleOhio

Slick, expensive marketing helped an inappropriately named group, ResponsibleOhio, get a marijuana legalization question on the Ohio ballot for November. But the Ohio Ballot Board, which crafted language voters will see, is beyond the organization’s deep-pockets control.

That has officials of ResponsibleOhio upset. Specifically, they are angry the board approved language that will describe the question before voters as whether “recreational” use of marijuana is to be permitted.

ResponsibleOhio contends the wording is misleading and biased.

They would know about “biased.” Their ballot issue is heavily biased in favor of investors in the 10 sites throughout the state where marijuana could be grown, if the issue passes. Those investors would enjoy something of a monopoly – and could reap enormous riches as a result.

“Recreational” is the word most often heard to describe users of various drugs who do not ingest them for health-related reasons. It is an accurate, honest term for the ballot – certainly more so than, say, ResponsibleOhio’s name.