Roasts and Toasts

TOAST East Liverpool for always putting out the red carpet for visitors, which was again in evidence this week when a busload of tourists from the Akron area came to town. The trip centered around the 80th anniversary of the saga of Dust Bowl bandit Charles Arthur “Pretty Boy” Floyd, and everyone went all out to show the ladies on the trip a good time, with people in costume at the Sturgis House by Ghosting12 Paranormal, talks by local historians, a tour and talk by Patrolman Kelsey Hedrick and more. Some may say the city is down and out, but those folks obviously have never come to town as a guest.

ROAST, on the other hand, the one tourist who looked around the basement of the Sturgis House and, with her nose prominently in the air, proclaimed, “This wasn’t worth coming down those stairs for.” Really? This lady found nothing interesting about the former embalming room where the body of a man once declared Public Enemy No. 1 was brought after he was killed by G-men and local police, where more than 10,000 people came to view his body, and where a collection of one-of-a-kind memorial and artifacts of that era is on display? How sad for her not to realize the importance of the display, and how rude of her to comment so publicly.

Roasts and Toasts

TOAST officials of The Ohio State University who have opted to not sell alcohol at Ohio Stadium despite the fact the facility has a liquor license. Anyone who has ever attended a Buckeye football game has noticed that patrons have never had a problem filling up on alcohol at the many tailgating venues around the stadium prior to the game. There should be no need to get or keep them drunk during the game. Perhaps the low incidence of fights at the stadium throughout the years can be attributed to the lack of alcohol sales.

ROAST those people who constantly complain particularly in the East Liverpool-Wellsville area that there is “nothing for kids to do,” most often as an excuse for why they get into trouble. This paper reports daily on a host of kid- and family-friendly events being held in both communities, as well as what is there for the taking on a daily basis: several museums, libraries, the floodwall murals, a municipal pool, the river, parks, church and youth groups. Considering how poorly attended many of these events often are and that not one, but two, skating rinks in the East Liverpool-Glenmoor area closed due to lack of use, it seems the problem may lie in parents not stepping up and actually taking their kids to what is available, not a lack of things available.

TOAST, on the other hand, those parents who are wise enough to know they don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to keep their children occupied but take advantage of all this area has to offer by exposing their kids to the museums and parks and other free activities which are offered. There is nothing wrong with a trip to Cedar Point or Disney World, but Columbiana County has quite a few interesting aspects, provided kids are given the chance to learn about them. TOAST, also, those teachers who schedule field trips to these local attractions in addition to trips outside the area.