Roasts and Toasts

TOAST syndicated columnist Ben Shapiro, whose column appears in the Morning Journal, for having the courage to tell the complete life story of iconic South African leader Nelson Mandela, warts and all. Shapiro properly lauded Mandela for unifying South Africa after being imprisoned for 27 years when he could have just as easily chosen to initiate a race war. But no man is flawless, and as Shapiro pointed out, Mandela was also a “terrorist leader associated with the Communist Party during his early career,” and the political movement he founded “was responsible for violence and murder against both military and civilian targets.” In this day and age, those who choose to remind us of an unpopular truth can pay a terrible price, especially when it flies in the face of efforts by the mainstream media and popular culture to deify someone such as Mandela. But facts can be stubborn things, and kudos to Shapiro for having the courage to go against the grain.

ROAST the liberals rushing to praise the new leader of the Catholic Church, Pope Francis, based on his criticism of unbridled capitalism and positions on homosexuality and abortion, the latest being syndicated columnist Connie Schultz. Have you noticed these same people, mostly non-Catholics, have been openly hostile to Catholicism and its teachings for years until now, when they finally have a pope who espouses a leftist view they can agree with. Their praise of Pope Francis has more to do with politics than theology. And as far as the pope’s take on capitalism, free enterprise, when coupled with individual liberty and the rule of law, has raised more people out of poverty than any government program in the history of man.

TOAST the lady who walked into Wellsville Fire Department Wednesday with a man’s wallet, asking fire officials if they could try and return it to its owner. The lady found the wallet under some melting snow and returned it without hesitation, which is a refreshing thing to see in this day and age.

TOAST East Liverpool resident Dave Martin for addressing City Council in person regarding a proposed salary increase, offering some constructive criticism without being nasty or rude, which cannot be said about many people commenting online about the raises. Many of those who have commented did not have their facts straight about the increase, whereas Martin did check with the state to get factual information before speaking, which is admirable.