Our futures are on the ballot this Election Day

Tuesday is Election Day, a very important day for determining the futures of our local communities.

This year’s election may seem unimportant to some because it doesn’t include the big offices such as president, governor, senator or congressman.

However, the people we will be electing on Nov. 5 are the grassroots of our governing process and the decisions they make are more likely to affect our everyday lives than those made on the state and national levels.

This year we are electing, city and village council members, school board members and township trustees.The city of Columbiana will also be choosing a mayor. These are the people who will be making sure that our streets and roads are plowed when the snow falls and patching these same roads after the spring thaw brings pot holes.

They’ll determine whether our local taxes will increase or stay the same, whether we have adequate police and fire protection, and important issues involving the education of our children

Voters in the Columbiana school district will be deciding on a bond issue to finance improvements to the South Side Middle School, and West Branch school district voters will consider a .75 percent income tax.

Several communities will vote on fire, road and cemetery levies as well as local liquor options.

Minerva village voters will also consider renewals on recreational and senior citizen services levies and an electric aggregation issue.

So, even if this election doesn’t have all the hype that last year’s election had, in many ways this one could be more important to you. Be sure to vote.