Guards should not carry burden of this man’s death

In most cases, suicide is a horrible thing. It’s tragic to think a person feels their life has become so hopeless that they resort to killing themselves. Usually people shake their heads at the unnecessary loss of life.

The suicide of Ariel Castro, Cleveland serial rapist and kidnapper, is an exception. This depraved man stole the lives and freedom from three innocent women. He raped them and brutalized them for years, including starving and beating one of them until she miscarried multiple times after he had impregnated her.

But when Castro was spared the death penalty, then imprisoned, in undoubtedly a more humane way than he had treated his captives, he couldn’t handle it. After only a few weeks he chose to end his life rather than spend the rest of it behind bars.

So what? What has society lost by his death? We’ve lost nothing more than a monster in human flesh. Now, after he did probably the most honorable thing in his life – save millions of taxpayer dollars by killing his miserable self – our prison system wants to waste more money by investigating his death. And, if that wasn’t enough, they’ve suspended the two prison guards who were charged with watching him until the investigation is complete. The two guards in question have never been disciplined before, nor is there any indication they did anything wrong, but the automatic inference by suspending them is they were negligent in causing Castro’s death.

Castro is dead and gone. No more time or money should be wasted on this societal misfit. Quit wasting taxpayer dollars and return the guards to work with their records unblemished.