Board may want to brush up on open meetings laws

East Liverpool School Board member Richard Wolf is to be commended for always trying to uphold open meeting laws.

Recently, Wolf took board President Janice Martin to task for signing a letter that had never been approved by the board with a vote. He was correct. The letter had just been discussed at some point in executive session, not in open session.

If a decision is made behind closed doors, it has to be voted on in public. Wolf has made no secret about being opposed to the architectural firm about whom the letter was written and would most likely be in favor of its content: telling the architect to perform no additional work. So complaining about the way this letter was written speaks well of him.

The school board seems to always be worrying about legal action, so why take chances by violating the Ohio Sunshine law, and inviting a legal challenge?

We also have to ask why this particular letter was done in secret? Other matters regarding this architect have been discussed in public. What was so different about this?

It appears some members of this school board could use a refresher course on open meeting laws. Wolf seems to know the law and is wise to insist that it be followed.