Progress 2013

After many years of stagnation, the economy in the Columbiana County area appears to be moving in a positive direction thanks to the Utica and Marcellus Shale industry. That’s why “Transitioning forward” was chosen as the theme of the 2013 Morning Journal annual Progress Edition, to recognize the positive impact the shale boom has had locally.

This year, we will be publishing the annual progress package in installments during Sundays in July.

Today’s section focuses on health, education and careers. Inside you’ll read about the tremendous improvements being made at our two county hospitals – East Liverpool City and Salem Community – as well as the partnership of Akron Children’s Hospital with the River Valley Health Partners ELCH pediatrics unit. You’ll find interesting stories about other health care-providing organizations as well.

There are also details about how our local colleges – Kent State Salem and East Liverpool campuses, Eastern Gateway Community College and Ohio Valley College of Technology- as well as the Columbiana County Career and Technical Center are preparing our students for careers in the shale industry and the auxiliary businesses being spawned by the boom.

We hope you enjoy this section of Progress Edition 2013 and that you’ll look forward to more on each Sunday in July.