He may not show it, but Dad likes the attention too

It appears that we are indebted to our good neighbors in West Virginia for the celebration of both Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.

Mother’s Day began May 10, 1908 when a West Virginia daughter decided to honor her late mother by organizing a church service.

Dr. Robert Webb of West Virginia is believed to have conducted the first Father’s Day service in 1908 at the Central Church of Fairmont.

A Spokane, Wash. woman also played a part in getting people to observe Father’s Day throughout the nation. Sonora Smart Dodd was listening to a Mother’s Day sermon, at the Spokane Central Methodist Episcopal Church when she was inspired to have a special day dedicated to her father, who had raised Sonora and her siblings alone after her mother’s death. She chose her father’s birthday, June 19, to honor him and all fathers.

Even though Father’s Day isn’t greeted with the touching sentiments used to celebrate Mother’s Day, it has indeed become a national day to remember our dads.

He may not get all of the attention we lavish on Mom on her day, but be sure to let your father know how much you appreciate him today.

Take him fishing, golfing, out to eat at his favorite restaurant or at least visit him or give him a call. Dads may not show it, but they appreciate the attention as much as moms do.