Put a name to the face of crime, no matter the age

Once again, the senseless crime of vandalism has reared its ugly head in our area.

Nearly 300 headstones were toppled and damaged at the Springhill Cemetery in Wellsville. Police Chief Joe Scarabino estimates the damage at $500,000. Some of the damaged stones were nearly 200 years old and will be impossible to replace.

A 19-year-old man and two juveniles have been arrested in connection with this heinous crime. The adult has been bound over to the county grand jury on felony vandalism and obstructing official business. Charges against the juveniles have been forwarded to the county prosecutor’s office.

It is hard to understand the depraved mind of a vandal, their actions are beyond the comprehension of sensible minds. But these culprits who wrecked havoc on this historic cemetery in Wellsville are among the lowest scum of the earth.

We hope the adult charged in the case, if convicted, receives the maximum punishment allowed. And, even though names of juveniles involved in crimes are not usually released, we think an exception should be made in this case. Once the charges have been filed against these minors, their names should be released publicly. Anyone capable of viciously causing a half-million dollars in damage to a place where for two centuries most residents of Wellsville have placed the remains of their loved ones, deserves to have their names publicly shamed. Those who are capable of such an evil act in their youth deserve to be on the public’s watch list for life.