ROAST those people who, no matter what is suggested for East Liverpool, find some way to shoot it down. No doubt the people who complain that city officials “do nothing” to bring business to town are the same ones we now hear complaining that the proposed trade school, hotel and apartment building for the downtown are nothing but pipe dreams and that efforts to clean up the Riverview Florist property in an attempt to attract a commercial tenant are for naught. If officials do nothing, they are wrong; if they do anything, they are wrong. What is it that you negative Nellies want?

TOAST those individuals, who have not sought notoriety, who have generously stepped up to pay the royalties so free movie nights can again be offered at Thompson Park. According to Mayor Jim Swoger, royalties are as high as $350 for some of the movies, so this is a significant donation in some cases. Also TOAST Swoger, his wife Amy and all those who have volunteered their time and effort to help get the pool up and running again this year. A special TOAST to the East Liverpool Rotary for taking on a major fund raising campaign for renovations at the pool, which is a major source of fun for many city children.