Desperate again


Syndicated columnist Scott Rasmussen wrote a column in this paper on March 3 that captured my attention. It was in reference to our national debt. I quote, “The problem is that both political parties have failed to solve the challenges before our nation, but the truth is they can’t.”

He continues, “To solve the challenges facing our nation we need an all hands approach that unleashes creativity and resources of individual Americans, community groups, small businesses, state and local governments, and more.

Rasmussen says this will mean a smaller role for the federal government, but it will put the problem solving where it belongs – with the American people. I wonder if the American people are willing to meet such a challenge?

World War II found us in desperate shape. Not only were we outclassed by our adversaries, but our treasury as usual was running on fumes. We had to have money to build up a war machine, lots of money, because our very existence was at stake.

The answer was war bonds. The people rallied and purchased millions in bonds. Everywhere you went you found signs: buy U.S. war bonds. It was a massive program and it worked.

Today we are faced with an economy that is stretched to a breaking point. If we don’t do something now to relieve the pressure the bubble is going to break and according to the learned economists this country will experience the worst depression since 1929. I was around and I remember.

Leon White