County Sheriff

— Sophia Grubb of the American Healthcare, Beard Road, New Waterford, asked to have client Christina M. Lange, 41, removed from the facility. Deputies arrived Friday to find Lange outside on a bench, yelling that she wanted to go home. Grubb showed deputies the inside, which was torn up, with chairs and tabled overturned, saying Lange threatened to burn down the home. Grubb also reported Lange shoved her, but she did not wish to file charges at this time. Lange’s medications were turned over to deputies with an instruction sheet to give to the jail nurse, and Lange was charged with criminal mischief and taken to the county jail. While en route to the jail, Lange reportedly told deputies she was going to kill somebody if she weren’t taken out of that home.

— Douglas Freed, Hadley Road, Unity Township, reported his neighbor threatened to do something to Freed’s children if he hits glass in his yard again with his lawnmower. He asked to have a report on file. Deputies advised Freed the process for obtaining a protection order.

— A deputy was dispatched to Depot Road in Hanover Township for three people in the middle of the road. He spoke to the three males, who were walking on the side of the roadway.

–Deputies responded Friday to a private property accident at the residence of Ginger Crum, Signal Road, Fairfield Township, standing by as the parties involved exchanged information.

East Liverpool

— Dispatched Friday night to First Avenue for reports of a domestic dispute, officers found Jackie Hayes, her granddaughter and Homer Williams on the porch. Officers spoke separately with Hayes, who said that, after getting paid that day, she had given Williams a total of $200 to purchase phone cards for her and her granddaughter, with $10 extra. He reportedly was upset that she had not given him more money, and told the granddaughter he wanted two minutes alone with Hayes, for her to go to her friend’s house. Williams then reportedly took a hit of cocaine then got on top of Hayes in a recliner, saying he wanted more money and telling her to “shut up (expletive) before pulling her from the chair, tearing her shirt and threatening to punch her in the face so her family wouldn’t recognize her. The granddaughter walked in during this alleged incident and called the police without Williams’ knowledge. He reportedly told Hayes if she left him, he would kill her children. Officers reported Hayes was crying and fearful while being interviewed, and while they documented her injuries, they noticed bruises on her face and chest that she was were from Williams assaulting her last weekend which she was afraid to report. Williams was charged with felony domestic violence.

— Lacey Beaver, Garfield Street, reported at 6:55 p.m. Friday finding a young boy wandering around the streets as though lost, and she brought him into her yard to play until she could notify police. An officer spoke with the 7-year-old, saying he had problems with his speech which made him difficult to understand but said his mom was home sleeping. The officer placed the boy into his patrol car and began driving around, and the boy directed him to a residence on Gaston Place. There, the officer spoke to the boy’s sibling, telling him where his brother was found and advising him to keep an eye on the younger boy.

— Responding to a Lisbon Street resident for a caller reporting hearing a man screaming that he was going to kill his girlfriend, officers knocked on the door which was answered by Heather Craft. She told officers nothing was going on but said her neighbor is a drunk and has been harassing her.


–Officers responded to the Salem Public Library at 10:41 a.m. Friday in reference to an intoxicated male individual and found that the man, not intoxicated, sitting with a female individual on the front steps of the building. They agreed to leave.

— An officer responded to a 1000 block Cleveland Street home at 2:26 p.m. Friday in reference to a neighbor dispute, but found that no criminal activity occurred.

— A patrolling officer was flagged down in the 100 block of South Ellsworth Avenue at 2:40 p.m. Friday by a woman who reported an elderly man standing next to a dead dog in the 200 block of South Howard Avenue. The officer found the man visibly upset standing next to a dog on a plastic lid. The dog was breathing, but unable to move. The officer transported the dog to a local animal shelter.

— An officer responded to a school in the 300 block of North Cunningham Road at 3:32 p.m. Friday where a juvenile was suffering from a medical issue. The officer ensured first responders were there and a family member was present.

— An officer responded to an 1800 block East State Street restaurant at 6:24 p.m. Friday where a Columbiana resident reported someone sent him text messages claiming to be the father of a woman he met online and saying that the woman is a minor. The messages demanded money or the man would go to law enforcement about the issue.

— A patrolling officer at 7:11 p.m. Friday observed two individuals outside burning plywood and other objects in the 400 block of Franklin Street. The officer advised the individuals that only seasoned wood could be burned. The fire department responded to extinguish the fire.

— A patrolling officer at 10:25 p.m. Friday observed an unattended fire in the 300 block of North Madison Avenue.

— Officers responded to a 2800 block East State Street business at 3:15 a.m. Saturday in reference to a suspicious vehicle parked near the building from which two individuals exited and walked around. Officers were unable to find anyone.


— Officers responded to a domestic dispute at a Pine Street home at 3:52 p.m. Thursday and found it to be verbal.

— Thomas L. Clutter, 39, 100 High St., Leetonia, was charged with domestic violence after officers responded to his home at 12:06 a.m. Friday where his wife reported he had assaulted her and their daughter after discovering she had created a profile on a dating website. His wife said Clutter threw items around the house, poured cooking oil throughout the home and used a knife to slash their mattress. During the investigation, officers located two utility knives in a bookbag carried by Clutter.